Fasteners for Plastic Waterproofing Membrane

When using a plastic wrap basement waterproofing membrane that provides moisture protection for foundations in basement applications.IGP0368


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small washer

Dura Washer

The Dura Washer 1 ¾" and Dura Mate Washer 2" are fasteners that are for use with PB and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems).

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Roof Vents

The vents are made from durable cold weather UV polypropylene and have a bird proof screen and rain channels to prevent nothing gets in while hot air is vented out.


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Rebar Safety Caps

rebar safety caps

Rebar Safety Caps provide protection from protruding rebar and are intended for at grade applications

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Pipe Vent Flashing

Pipe Vent Pic

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 IGP0463Commercial Refrigeration Fan Covers

Fan Covers used in commercial beverage refrigeration units.

Available in a number of different sizes.


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Stucco Nail Fasteners


Dura Nail Stucco Insulation Fasteners are available in 1½" or 2¼" diameters and lengths in 2", 2 ½", 3 ½", 4 ½", 5 ½", and 6 ¼", made from polypropylene.


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Best Block Pipe Support Sleeper

The best block pipe support design maximizes the support strength while reducing the overall weight. The interior allow for expansion and contraction of the block under extreme conditions.

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Floor Vents


Available in standard sizes of 3" X 10" and 4" X 10


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Spash Block

Eavestrough Splashblock

The Splash Block is made of durable polyethylene and helps disperse water from a downspout to prevent it from seeping into the foundation. It also helps prevent soil and lawn erosion.



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